Hoover Wells, Inc., Floor Laying, Refinishing & Resurfacing, Toledo, OH

Freshly formulated resins make a quality difference in every floor we create

Besides expert consultation and thorough surface preparation, every Hoover Wells floor gets an extra touch of quality with our own quality polymer resins. We mix the ingredients as we need them and customize the formula to your floor. It lets us control the curing time during application, assures the best bond and maximizes the appearance and durability of the floor. We make sure "High Performance Floor Systems" is more than just words.

We help you choose the seamless floor that fits your application

Thanks to advances in resins and our formulating expertise, the attributes of polymer floor surfaces get better all the time. In our selection of floor systems, there's a combination of these performance features just right for you:

  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Nonslip
  • Chemical, acid and stain resistance
  • Corrosion control
  • Waterproof
  • Conductive or static dissipative
  • Easy to clean
  • Bacteria and fungus resistance
  • Highly reflective or low luster
  • Thermal shock and thermal cycling resistance
  • Solid colors or decorative borders
Standard Color Selector
(Actual colors may vary due to gloss, texture, type finish and computer screen resolution. Also Availible in #110 White and #990 Black.)
#810 #403 #519 #330 #405 #530
#342 #410 #580 #902 #431 #610
#914 #432 #641 #950 #472 #730
Color Quartz Selector
(Actual colors will vary with finished texture, lighting, selected system and computer screen resolution.)
024-28 Oxford 030-28 Cinderblock 036-28 NewNavy 025-28 Pepper 031-28 Thunder 037-28 Tropical
026-28 Sand 032-28 Granite 038-28 Denim 027-28 Sesame 033-28 Mulberry 039-28 Midnight
028-28 Canvas 034-28 Seamist 040-28 Sandstone 029-28 Desert 035-28 Ocean 041-28 Cayenne
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